This was a Charette during Winter 2015 with Victoria Morgan of the Cincinnati Ballet. The images are the design renderings from costume, projection, scenic and lighting for Wizard of Oz. I ordered their work into a rough outline of the plot and made an improvised piano score, along with elements of sound design. 

This was my first sound replacement project and it's still near and dear. The voices and breath were recorded in the studio; I layered the voices to interact with dissonant overtones as the piano languidly plays behind.

This is a sound scoring project that we removed the original score and created our own. Specifically, we were charged with a looping form of composition that changed over the course of the 4 minute ad. 

An ad for a video game that intrigued me because I hated the original music/voiceover for it. 
I came up with an idea for the motif that plays through the ad and then improvised on it to the music; it's not exactly a real tempo, but rather the rhythm of the cuts in the ad. Afterward I worked on all the foley and sound effects, nestling them inside their own reverb that matched the location of the clip. It felt like it was still missing something, so i added a several layers of drums and deep strings.

This is a short clip from the movie Coraline that we removed all the elements and recorded our own actors, effects, and music.