Tempest Design Concept

What a whirlwind! (Pun intended) This was the first Shakespeare play I've done sound design for and my first design working with a composer. Both were quite awesome. I loved to have music that was meant for the production and meant for each moment of the play. It was amazing to focus on carving and shaping the sounds: to be a part of the team. With no set and limited costumes, the focus was on projections, lights, and sound.. And of course, this show is all about magic and sound took up the mantle of magic. And being magical is always awsome. 
The only caveat is that the whole production was one week from design run to closing. We had less than twelve hours of tech, which is quite crazy especially with so much soft tech. Still, the whole process was exciting and interesting and different than what I've worked on before. 
And Magic! 

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