Here Lies Joyland

This was a very different process for me; I had about two weeks from the first meeting to the handing off the show, and so it was imperative that everyone be on the same page. Oh course, it was a blast to work on with creepy music, calliope midi files and all sorts of spooky sounds sprinkled in. Being prepared meant I was able to watch the design run with my headphones on, listening to the cues that I had already made and only having to tweak them afterward, which meant that tech was much more about getting the actors comfortable with the loud sudden sounds and finessing the transitions and volumes for Westport Coffee House, which is a little creepy in and of itself. We won Best of Venue in at KC  Fringe, so that was a great feeling. People liked the creepiness, and hopefully my housemate will forgive me for all the late night calliope editing. 


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