Wittenberg Design Concept

Wittenberg is a show with a foot in two worlds; the world of 1518 and the world of 2015. Despite nearly five hundred years, there are many aspects of life that haven’t changed. The Church, while not quite the world power that it was before, remains relatively unmarked by the passage of time. Specifically, liturgical music of the period is still readily identified as such. As for the secular side of music –and the play- the world has undergone drastic changes and would be nigh unrecognizable to a sixteenth-century man. While the instrumentation stayed in the past, the music content was all readily identified as twentieth-century music, allowing the audience to also identify with it. We sympathize with what we understand, and in many ways adding the fantastical sounds of Hamlet’s dreams created a rift in the play that was audible; his dreamscape do not exist in the sixteenth or twentieth centuries, but rather out of time, baffling and confusing us.

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