The Island Design Concept

The Island was my first work with Kansas City Actors Theatre, and it came during a strangely turbulent time in my life. The Island is a barren, hopeless prison where Winston and John are incarcerated for political ideals and spend their days working thankless tasks. The sounds are bleak and clean. Digging, waves: what is the barest of the scene, what is the essence of this hollow place and how to we take our audience there. The warder is represented by a carrion fly, a man larger than the shadows the men jump at. At the end of the play, the men are greeted with shouts and cheers, which devolve into the siren: back to the beach, back to work. But a little hope is left behind: South Africa is no longer crippled by the apartheid and perhaps our own country can break free from the same prejudices.
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The Island is not Escapist Theater

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