Mr. Burns Design Concept

This play was crazy! It's still playing at the Unicorn until the 27th, I would highly recommend it (and not just because it's my design, but because it's story and message is pretty interesting)
Mr. Burns: a post-electric play is about making connections. Reaching out to talk to people, hear about loved ones, and even, experiencing unimaginable loss in the company of strangers. People have always used stories to protect us from the dark: protect us from our fears of the unknown. From the first note in preshow to the last bit of HMS Pinafore, the sounds in the theatre were designed to create an atmosphere of isolation and weirdness that brought the audience along in this apocalyptic madness that our characters lived in. This strange, stormy world was their new normal, and we, with our cellphones and intermissions, have a difficult time imagining such a place. The Simpsons, while not everyone’s cup of tea, symbolize entertainment that on the surface, has no value or use, but also has the opportunity to do more than entertain, but to reflect society’s quirks, fears, and problems in a way that people can understand. Mr. Burns is a wild show that needed to breathe along with the actors, and to be as fluid as time flowing eighty-two years to Act Three.

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