Marilyn/God Design Concept

This was a very weird show. There were voices and sounds and music and only one actor on stage, so at no point could the sounds overwhelm her. This was also the first show I worked with someone on; I didn't have the time to go to all the rehearsals, so my co-designer took copious notes and we worked together on gathering sounds, reverbs, and then we worked on the recording session together. For an hour long show, I had over a hundred cues: a busy time for the stage manager! The sounds supplement, attack and confuse Marilyn on her way through the afterlife. This show only used two speakers and in some ways was an exercise in Qlab, making changes on the fly, fading effects and panning wildly, well, as wildly as one can with only two speakers. 
In the end, of course, the sound supports Marilyn. We create a sonic space to live in and enjoy, or horrify as the case may be. 

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