Fringe Fest 2015 Design Concepts

What a crazy month! I worked on five designs and was the assistant stage manager in another show. This festival, at least for me, was all about adapting. I became the go-to sound person for a space I had no previous experience in. My computer was in one show running Qlab 2 of all things (a bit dated, like 2008 dated) I was patching mics and speakers and learned a lot about communicating with directors and technicians. There's a reason we're all in separate fields; there's a lot that goes into putting theatre in a space! I don't know much about lights, or spiking the set, or filling blood capsules, but I sure learned. 
As for the sound design specifically, my focus was on keeping it simple to run and simply augmenting the show as a whole. They didn't need me muddying up their work on stage, sound, in many cases was an accent. In BOND, I had gunfire and radio chatter and explosions, with a little soft singing at a vulnerable point. In THE SNAKE THAT STOLE THE FLOWER, sound design was the primary way to represent the auditory hallucinations the main character experiences. THE PENIS MONOLOGUES wanted a bit of sound to move their journey and not lose energy and LOVE ME TINDER just needed dings. Sometimes sound design is simple. SELF-EASE was a remount from February and required a little more finesse, but overall it was my old design polished up with some new scenes. 
Overall, I learned so much about my own capabilities and ideas and how to adapt to the needs of a show in three hours of tech (sometimes less!) I am glad that I was a part of such an interesting experience seeing crazy theatre.

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