And Justice for Some: The Freedom Trial of Anthony Burns (1858) Design Concept

The new year of 2016 started with a gavel hit and a bang with And Justice for Some at The Coterie. It was a little spoiling to have a show without having school as well because I could spend my days at the theatre and my nights as I chose. Children's theatre is very different than much of theatre that I have done; kids have no problem falling asleep in a show, and we can't have that, can we?
This show was about punctuation. Each of the scenes, each of the locations had parenthetical musical notes. Many people thought it felt like an episode of a serial crime drama, and in someways, the show had exactly that feel with the announcement from day to day. The director had a very specific idea of the melding of then and now. The Ferguson and Baltimore riots are fresh in our minds and the trial in 1858 is still relevant for these reasons. The sound design reflected this link from the past to the present with the period language and gavels, and the electronic music that I created and used for the show.
All in all, this was a very interesting show to work on as I did a lot of research on protest songs, then and now as well as the sounds of riots, crowds and the world of the protest.

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